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smart ones coupons
Smart Ones coupons are some of the more frustrating ones that I have seen online. They seem to always want you to buy 10 or 12 of the product. That being said, the savings can be as much as $4 form one coupon! There are also many different types of Smart Ones coupons, due to the many different products that Smart Ones makes. They have coupons for all frozen items, breakfast items, oatmeal items, Smart Creation items and more! For that reason, be sure to pay attention to the wording on the coupons to make sure you are printing and redeeming the correct coupons.
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Smart Ones coupons come in the Sunday inserts on occasion

When the Smart Ones coupons are in the Sunday newspaper inserts, they are generally found in the Red Plum insert. Most likely, if they have a newer line of products out, the coupons in the paper will be for those items in particular. There is also a few Smart Ones coupons on the Smart Ones Eat Your Best website.

Smart Ones products can be found at pretty much all major grocery stores and even Walmart and Target. The nice thing about that is that occasionally, Target will release a store coupon for Smart Ones products. You are allowed to use both the manufacturer coupon and the store coupon on the item, thus creating an even bigger savings opportunity for you!

If you ever see Smart Ones coupons for less than 4 items, I recommend printing them. A I write this post, there are coupon offers for $4 off 12 products and $5 off 15 products. To me, that is a LOT of Smart Ones to purchase at one time. The $5 savings is nice, but I don't have the freezer space for 15 of those! I'd rather have a $1/2 or even $1/3.

Have you found Smart Ones coupons anywhere else? Do they make tearpads or peelies for Smart Ones products? Let me know if you've found them elsewhere!


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