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slim fast coupons
Slim Fast coupons come to us in a variety of different ways. You can print Slim Fast coupons online, in addition to finding them in coupon inserts in the Sunday paper and on products in the form of peelies. The main thing you have to look for when seeking out Slim Fast coupons is the difference between a coupon for Slim Fast shakes and drinks and coupons for Slim Fast bars. The coupons are generally specific to those products, so if you can use one on drinks, you usually cannot use that coupon on bars.
slim fast coupons 2014
Target commonly has store specific Slim Fast coupons which you can start with Slim Fast manufacturer coupons to double up on your savings. Target also puts Slim Fast items on their gift card promotion deals often - offering a $5 Target gift card back when you purchase a certain number of Slim Fast products. Use a store coupon, a manufacturer coupon and get this gift card deal to triple up on your savings. We cal that a perfect storm in the couponing world and it doesn't come around very often. When it does, it's glorious and time to stock up!

Keep an eye on expiration dates when stocking up of food products like Slim Fast. The worst thing is to buy a bunch of a product and to soon realize that they are all near or past expiration date!

Because of the potential for the perfect store of coupon savings, I recommend that you print Slim Fast coupons whenever they are available and just have them on hand in case one of these magic deal combinations comes up. Its a real bummer when these types of deals come up and you have to pass it up because you don't have the printable that is no longer available to print.

Do you find Slim Fast coupons in other places? Tell me where!


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