Signing Up For Random Things Pays Off!

So I have been entering random contests, signing up for samples through and collecting and redeeming Coke Rewards points for a while now...

Well today was awesome because this all came together at once!

In the picture, there is a coupon for a free (No purchase necessary) 12 Pack of Coke, a free bag (will probably make an entire pot) of Starbucks Natural Infusions Vanilla Coffee and a $30 Office Depot Gift Card for some contest that I entered and forgot about!

All of this came today, and it was a nice bit of encouragement to keep signing up and entering contests. I was a believer in that nobody ever actually wins contests online. Well, consider my opinion changed!

In addition to that, I reached another $5 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks today (won't come 'till next week) and found out about Viewpoint's special where you write 10 reviews and get another $10 Amazon Gift Card!

This is easy stuff folks!

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