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colgate coupons
Colgate coupons are available to print very often. There are also Colgate coupons very frequently in the Sunday paper inserts. Additionally, the drugstores seem to like putting Colgate products in their weekly sales and reward deals. Combining the sales with Colgate coupons can mean a big savings for you.
colgate coupons 2014
There always seems to be a nice variety of Colgate coupons. When they release new printable manufacturer coupons, they seem to release them in sets. There are coupons for toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash. Sometimes there are a couple of each one out! One thing I noticed about the Colgate coupons that come out in the Sunday newspaper inserts is that they have short expiration dates. They seem to expire within 2 weeks of the release date. Because most printable coupons don't expire for one month after you print it, I encourage you to print Colgate coupons when you do see them available online. Having the coupon a longer period of time will give you more chances to find great sales to combine with your coupons.

Colgate coupons combined with sales make great deals!

With the right combination of Colgate coupons and store deals, you should be able to get Colgate products for free, or close to free after using the coupon on top of a sale and getting a store reward back. I have not paid for Colgate (or any brand of oral care product) products in over 3 years. It's really quite easy, but it starts with having the coupons ready to go when you do find that sale. I can't tell you how many times I try to save ink and avoid printing a coupons, only to regret it later when that item goes on sale and it would have been free with coupon! Don't let that happen to you!

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