Finesse Try Me Free Rebate Peelies!

I found these at Walgreens, but check all your drugstores to see what you can find. These are especially great because they are good through 12/31/11!

I am waiting for a nice Extra Buck or Register Reward deal to make this a moneymaker!

Note: the rebate is for up to $3.99 and the regular price on these products at my Walgreens was $4.49. Keep the rebate limit in mind when you see a "Try me Free" promotion!

Walgreens Trip 3/14/11 ~ Free Deodorant!

Well, I am breaking my boycott of Walgreens to bring you some great deals! Walgreens is tricky with their register rewards program, but I am going too start posting their deals anyway.

I am also going to be focusing more on the major players in the "extreme" couponing game: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and Wal Mart. I will explain the major changes to the website in a post in the near future.

Anyway, here are the details of my trip today:

4 Right Guard Deodorants BOGO Free $3.49 Each
2 Irish Spring Deodorants $2/6
Note: some people have this deal posted with Right Guard deodorant types that would not be free. The ones that look like the one below were $4.99 in my store, and the coupon is only good up to $4.49. Try and find the ones in the picture above.

(2) $1/1 Irish Spring coupons from this Sunday's Smart source
(2) BOGO Free Right Guard from this Sunday's Red Plum
Of course, I got flack for using the BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale, I kept my cool and had the checker ask someone else, who said it was okay. Always be ready for this when using a BOGO in a BOGO.

1 $4 Register Rewards for purchasing 2 Irish Spring Deodorants

Total Out of pocket - Whatever tax is and that's it! For me: $1.14

I also found some freezer clearance and bought one Budget Gourmet frozen meal for $.25.