$6 Moneymaker on 6 Bottles of Bacardi Rum!

There is a $45 Rebate form in the CVS ad this week for Bacardi. You have to purchase 6 bottles to get the full $45.

Bacardi Gold and Superior are on sale at Safeway/Dominick's for $9.99 but are discounted to $9 per bottle when you buy 6 at once. You CAN mix light and dark. Then, use three $5/2 from the 12/5 RP if you got them. You pay $39 in the store and get $45 in the mail!

Don't forget to write the UPC codes on the receipt as per the instructions on the rebate form.

Swagbucks: One of the Easiest Ways to Earn!

Swagbucks is a great site that allows you to earn points by doing a number of things. By searching and signing up for the free offers every day or so, you can earn a $5 Amazon gift card in about a week or two. There are also other rewards, but the Amazon is the best value per point.

Sign up HERE and start earning Bucks!