Great Paid Survey Sites Looking to Pay Moms for Their Opinions!

Moms, click here to sign up for one of the best paid survey sites around! They told us they are specifically looking for moms, which means you'll probably qualify for a lot of surveys since they are searching for a specific type of person.

So put up your feet, turn on a great TV show and take some surveys on your laptop! Might as well earn some cash and gift cards while you're relaxing!
I signed up a while back and have enough for a $10 Amazon gift card but am saving for the $15 Paypal reward! :D
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Work at Home Wednesday ~ MyView for Easy Amazon Gift Cards!

Today's featured paid survey site is one of our favorites. My View sends easy surveys and pays quite fast! We used to do surveys a lot through them (now we make websites instead!) and they are the reason we were able to get out Kindle Fire for free! This is an easy way to work at home and make some extra cash!

Check out our earnings from them!
work at home
Note that a $25 Amazon card is 33,950 points. So as you can see, we have earned enough points for 8 $25 Amazon gift cards! Yep, that's $200!

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Hey Look, Another Jingit Video to Watch for Cash!

Watch the easy video above and earn cash in your Jingit account!

Want to find out what the heck Jingit is? Click here to lean more about Jingit

Try SurveySpot and Earn Mindless Easy Cash!

Here's another opportunity to earn cash from home doing nothing but giving your opinion!

SurveySpot rewards you for taking surveys. Like all paid survey sites, you should definitely sign up and give it a shot. We've tried out a couple dozen sites and found 4-5 that really work well for us. Those same 4-5 sites may not work as well for someone else. It depends on which companies the survey companies are working for. If they need opinions of someone in your age group and demographic, you'll have an easy time earning!

Survey Spot is one of the ones that works great for us! So sign up for free today and give it a shot!

New Jingit Ad to Watch! Earn Cash for Watching Ads and Taking Surveys!

Jingit users, click above to watch a new ad for cash!

New to Jingit? Well, it's a great program that rewards you for your attention. Get paid real cash for watching ads, taking surveys and more! Turn that cash into a debit card that makes spending easy! Never use any of your own money! Click here and you'll be given an opportunity to sign up for Jingit.

You can also earn money by watching the video here.