Capri Sun Coupons

capri sun coupons
When looking for Capri Sun coupons, you should definitely check this site. Every month, coupons reset and you have a good chance of seeing some new Capri Sun coupons, so be sure to take a look here at or near the first of every month.

It's a good idea to look for Capri Sun coupons during the school year, especially at the beginning. Capri Sun releases more coupons at this time to try and get parents to buy and try Capri Suns in their kids school lunches. This is a time to buy them because they'll probably be on sale too. Combine your Capri Sun coupons with a sale to save even more!

If you're looking in your Sunday newspaper insert for Capri Sun coupons, check the Smart Source, as that's where they have been appearing lately. There is currently a coupons for $1 off of two packs of Capri Sun pouches.

Other places to find Capri Sun coupons

You can also get a lead on more Capri Sun coupons by signing up for their email list on their website and "liking" them on Facebook. Like many other companies, Kraft (who owns Capri Sun) releases coupons through their email list and Facebook page in addition to in newspaper inserts and online on sites like this one.

Be sure you're looking for sales to shop when you're redeeming your Capri Sun coupons. Stores like Safeway consistently run sales cycles for Capri Sun products that can save you big bucks. Additionally, keep an eye out for store coupons which you can use in conjunction with Capri Sun manufacturer's coupons.

Saving money on Capri Sun will help you stretch your grocery budget and allow you to buy more of the things that you want. To check and see if there are Capri Sun coupons available, and to find other printable grocery manufacturer coupons, click this link.


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