A Summary of Recent Cleanblend Reviews on Amazon

cleanblend reviews
I posted about Cleanblend reviews here a while back. I think it's a good time to highlight some of the reviews that have popped up on Amazon since then. You seen, when dealing with a smaller-name company compared to Vitamix and BlendTec, it's important that you are able to see that Cleanblend reviews stay consistently good and that the product they are putting out is high-quality.

Ok, so without further ado, here are some excerpts from recent Cleanblend reviews on Amazon:

cleanblend reviews on amazon
On March 4th 2015, the day of this post, the blender received 3 reviews. All of the are 5-star reviews highlighted by words like "quieter than vitamix and blends more smoothly too" and "love this blender".

February 28th saw four 5-star reviews with a 2-star review mixed in. Now, judging by the sheer amount of satisfied customers, I can assume this person got a dud of a machine. Thanks to Amazon's fantastic return policy, they could return the item very easily with a pre-paid return label if submitted within the 90-day return window.

One of the review son February 28th was from a chiropractor who ends all of his visits with his patients with a smoothie blended in his CleanBlend. First of all, I want that chiropractor. Also, think about how much this guy uses his blender and is still happy with it.
cleanblend blender
I particularly liked this review from Feb. 2015. The reviewer was writing about what made him decide to purchase this particular blender: "Immediately following EVERY negative review of this product, the manufacturer offered the dissatisfied customer either a full refund or a new product (check that out for yourself). In short, purchasing the Cleanblend was literally risk-free."

That's about all we can ask for a manufacturer isn't it? Make as high of a quality product as you can and if people still are not satisfied, offer a replacement product or a full refund. I mean, buying this blender seems like a no-brainer if you are in the market for a high-powered professional quality blender.

Probably the best reviews in my opinion are the ones by people who have owned a Vitamix or Blendtec and now have a Cleanblend. They almost all say the Cleanblend works as well, or better than their $400-$600 counterparts. And again, if you don't feel like the blender performs to your expectations, you can get a refund pretty easily!

Check out the Cleanblend today on Amazon!

I'll leave you with a delicious smoothie recipe to try in your new blender!
1 banana
10 frozen raspberries
1/4 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup coconut water
4 large ice-cubes
*add a couple of TBSP of protein powder if you desire.


What do you think of the Cleanblend reviews on Amazon?

Will you buy one?

cleanblend blender

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas? Did you wait too long? Are you too busy to shop around for a Valentine's Day gift? Look no further! This post has Valentine's Day gift ideas for men and women!

Amazon has a huge selection of gift baskets that can get to your door within 3-5 days with Prime shipping!
valentines day gift ideas
Choose from several gift baskets perfect for guys and girls. Here's an idea - add something of your own to these gift baskets to make them extra special. Guys: put a pair of diamond studs in there or ladies: put a bottle of his favorite scotch in the basket. Get creative!

Take a look at Amazon's massive selection of Valentine's Day jewelry too! You'll find lovely jewelry for all budgets and tastes!
valentines day jewelry
Probably the best part about the jewelry from Amazon is that you know it is top-quality. Additionally, with their lightening fast shipping, you can expect to receive your jewelry within days of ordering!

The beautiful Rebecca Minkoff Arrow Pendant Necklace pictured above is only $48 and is sure to impress.

last minute valentines day gifts
Guys, do you really want to impress her? Just pick up any of these Michael Kohrs handbags for a gift that will surely impress!

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better selection or better pricing on Michael Kohrs handbags and purses anywhere else. Amazon has a TON to choose from! They also have a spectacular return policy if it comes to that.

Ladies, are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man? How about a nice watch from Citizen? Take a look at the hundreds of watches found here and youll surely find the perfect one for your guy!
Amazon's selection of Citizen watches in unmatched! Find watches for under $100 and over $500.

Is he not a watch guy? How about a new tie?
Choose from hundreds of different ties, with prices starting around a very manageable $15.

Other ideas for guys include wallets, movies, video games, shoes and whiskey glasses. For ladies, take a look at fine chocolates, watches, jewelry or fun gadgets.

Head over to Amazon and browse around.

Cleanblend Blender Reviews

cleanblend blender reviews

The Cleanblend blender is one of the most popular high-performance blenders on the market. I've compiled and truncated some of the best Cleanblend blender reviews on Amazon to help you make your decision.

I have picked through the 82 reviews and pulled the most pertinent and what I feel is the most important statements that reviewers made about the Cleanblend blender.

First up, a little about the Cleanblend blender:

  • 3 HP motor
  • 1800 watt motor
  • Unbreakable 64 ounce blender container
  • Includes tamper wand for better blending

Ok, now onto the reviews. I'll quote each portion of the review and then explain why this is so important. I avoided the reviews of people saying "great blender" and "best blender I've ever had" because I don't know what they are comparing that to. Hearing that it is the best blender I've ever had is nice, but if these people have never had a high-powered blender, this would easily be the best. I'm looking for comparisons to more expensive performance blenders. The excerpts below are from actual reviews on Amazon.com.
cleanblend blender review
"Same blender as those costing more than twice as much"
This is pretty much the best quote from all of the reviews because it summarizes what the Cleanblend blender has to offer in one, simple statement. The Cleanblend truly does do what the VitaMix and Blendtec blenders do, but for much less cost.

"I made a perfect choice."
What a great statement to read if you're questioning whether or not you should buy this blender.

"This is your answer if you don't think a quality blender should cost $500!"
This is perfect! Because I don't think they should cost $500, and they don't with Cleanblend.

"This blender not only looks like a Vitamix costing 2-3x more, but performs equally well."
This is exactly the type of review I am loving. I want people to know they can pay $200 or even $300 less for the same quality blender.
cleanblend blender review
And look what happens if you have issues with your blender:
"Cleanblend's service could not have been better. Initially I wanted a refund and I was going to buy a different blender, but they were so quick with responses and accommodating that I decided to stick with it. I have my new blender now, they did not make me ship the defective one back and I received a refund."
I mean, it really can't get much better than that as far as customer service goes. When making a purchase of this size, it's really nice to know that you will be well taken care of in the event that your blender malfunctions or does not work properly.

This blender really is a solution or those people like me who want the quality and blending power of a VitaMix or BlendTec, but simply can't afford to put up $500, $600 or more for a blender. I encourage you to give this blender a shot, you won't be disappointed. And if for some reason you are, you can rely on the great customer service of not only Cleanblend, but Amazon.com as well.
cleanblend blender review

50 Inch TV Black Friday Deals

50 inch tv black friday deal
If you're looking for 50 inch TV Black Friday deals in 2014, you're in the right place! Here, we'll talk about all of the best deals for 50-inch TVs this Black Friday.

We'll also include other size TV deals in addition to Cyber Monday deals.

There will be sales on big screen TVs at pretty much every major store this year. You can expect sales at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears and more.

Recently, Best Buy had a Sharp 50 inch 1080p HDTV for just $399.99, so the price point has been set. That was about as low as I have seen a 1080p 50 inch TV from a major name brand.

Walmart refuses to release their Black Friday ad early and is actually threatening legal action to websites that release that information early. So obviously, I will not be doing that.

I will constantly be updating this page with the latest 50 inch TV deals on Black Friday and throughout the Black Friday weekend. So bookmark this page and come back often to find the best prices.

You can also assume that these stores will be offering free shipping on big screen TVs, so ordering online is definitely the best idea. Why not avoid the crowds and lugging around a huge TV. Let them bring it to YOU!

As a general guideline, you should not be paying more than 70% of the regular price of a big screen HDTV during Black Friday weekend. I try to aim for closer to 50%.

Some basics about HDTVs:

  • 720p is a very good picture quality. 1080 is best, but 720 will be more than good for most people.
  • More important for picture quality is a TVs hz level. 60Hz is not going to be the best quality. If you're a sports watcher, go for at least 120Hz. With a low Hz level, the TV will blur a bit when the ball is moving around. It can be quite annoying.
  • Look for thin borders, as it definitely makes for a more pleasing watching experience
  • Smart TVs are not that great. I prefer getting a regular TV and a smart device like a Roku, Xbox 360 or Apple TV.

Best Buy - Sharp - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - HDTV $429.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $599.99

Best Buy - Samsung - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - 120Hz - Smart - HDTV $549.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $799.99

Best Buy - Samsung - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - Smart - HDTV $629.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $749.99

Best Buy - Samsung - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 4K Ultra HD TV (2160p) - 60Hz - Smart - HDTV $1099.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $1499.99

Best Buy - LG - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - Smart - HDTV - Black $749.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $899.99

Amazon - Seiki SE50FE02 50-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV $429.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $499.99

Amazon - Toshiba 50L1400U 50-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV $489.81 with free shipping.
Reg. price $649.99

Amazon - VIZIO E500i-B1 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV $548 with free shipping.
Reg. price $599.99

Amazon - Samsung UN55H6350 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV $897.99 shipped.
Reg. price $1009.99

Walmart - Sceptre X505BV-FMQR 50" 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV $359.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $499.99

Walmart - RCA 50" LED50B45RQ 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV $399.99 with free shipping.
Reg. price $599.99

Printable Grocery Coupons in 2015

printable grocery coupons in 2015
If you're reading this, 2015 is either upon us or fast approaching. Printable grocery coupons in 2015 will be similar to what they were in 2014. We'll be able to find them in many places, including in print, on the internet and in apps. What I expect to increase is the availability of these coupons in apps on smartphones. With apps like Ibotta and others becoming very popular, I expect to see this trend grow throughout 2015.

What is great about this type of app is they offer savings AFTER the purchase which means you can still use manufacturer's coupons when making the purchase. So you'll still be able to use printable grocery coupons in 2015 and save even more with these apps.

Potential Negative Trends for Printable Grocery Coupons in 2015

A negative trend that I expect to see continue in 2015 is the changing of individual stores' coupon policies to make using printable grocery coupons in 2015 tougher. In 2014, we've seen stores make it more difficult by limiting the number of coupons people can use in one transaction, limiting the number of printed coupons people can use and more. That being said, I still think that you'll be able to save quite a bit of money by using coupons in 2015. It is still going to be a great way to save money and you can bet that I'll be printing and cutting coupons just like I was in 2013 and 2014.

I also expect to continue to see some companies lower the value of printable grocery coupons in 2015. However, with the aforementioned apps like Ibotta and others, I feel that we, as consumers can still save about the same amount of money by taking advantage of all of the money saving opportunities out there.

Good things to come with coupons in 2015?

As mentioned before, the apps that help you save money will be more prevalent than ever this year. Additionally, new, upstart food and household companies will continue to adopt the trend of offering coupons to consumers. Even if companies only do this at the beginning of a products's life, we will get to try a lot of different and useful products for less money.

I also expect there to be more mobile coupon solutions like Target's mobile coupons. These are great because you can load a lot to your phone and they only scan one barcode and all of your savings come off.

With all of these options, I still think printable grocery coupons are not going anywhere and still seem to be the best single way to save money at the grocery store. The availability of printable grocery coupons on this site has consistently grown throughout 2014 and I expect that trend to continue in 2015. At any give time, there are over 400 printable grocery coupons on this site available for you to print. Take a look below for all of the current printable grocery coupons in 2015 and beyond! Be sure to bookmark this site and come back to print grocery coupons all year long. There are new coupons added every single week and many coupons reset each month, which means you can come back and print more than the monthly limit of 2! Happy saving!