$6 Moneymaker on 6 Bottles of Bacardi Rum!

There is a $45 Rebate form in the CVS ad this week for Bacardi. You have to purchase 6 bottles to get the full $45.

Bacardi Gold and Superior are on sale at Safeway/Dominick's for $9.99 but are discounted to $9 per bottle when you buy 6 at once. You CAN mix light and dark. Then, use three $5/2 from the 12/5 RP if you got them. You pay $39 in the store and get $45 in the mail!

Don't forget to write the UPC codes on the receipt as per the instructions on the rebate form.


  1. Here in Chandler we did not get RP on 12/5 :( Would have been great.

    • Ah man! Yea I think only a select few areas got them. Did you get the rebate form? I can send you one if you don’t have it… even without coupons, $54 in store and $45 back makes for $9 + tax for 6 bottles- not too shabby.

  2. Thanks Zak! I found you on Hip2Save and will add you to my favorites. My husband was thrilled with this deal! He went to Ralphs and got Bacardi rum on sale for $9.99 this week plus 10% off when you buy 6 bottles. Used the coupons and sent off the rebate yesterday. Perfect deal for holiday entertaining!

    • Thank you for adding my site to your favorites! Yea I got 6 bottles as well. This week’s CVS deal on Coke should have us set on Rum and Coke for a while!

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