Yard Sale Tips ~ How to Do it Right!

yard sale tips
It's getting to be that time of the year again: yard sale time! Ok, I know it's not an official time, but it seems that "yard sale season" starts when the weather warms up and people start to do Spring cleaning. We learned some secrets to success from a couple of our own yard sales and attending a bunch. Here are a few yard sale tips to consider when having a sale of your own.

Good Signs:
Easy to read, well places signs are hugely important to the success of your yard sale. Place your clearly written signs in high traffic areas. Try and find both high auto and foot traffic spots. Make the date, time and address the largest written facts. Write a fre big ticket or "hot" items as well. Also, it's going to take your potential customer a few turns to get from your main signs to your sale, consider making a few simple arrow signs to direct people from the street where they first saw your sign. If you pick a bright color and stick with it for your arrow signs, people will recognize them as yours and it will be easier for them to kno that they are heading in the right direction.

Curb Appeal:
As many people as we had at our sales, at least twice than any drove by slowly while looking at our stuff. If you shop garage sales, you are probably guilty of the classic yard sale drive by. You kinda sorta feel like stopping, but nothing catches your eye from 20 feet away while driving. So you pass. Of course, it would be impossible to feature everything, but pick some nicer items that are large enough to see from the road and put them out in front. Also, simply having a clean setup and making it not look like a junk sale will go a long way in getting people to stop and get out of their cars. Nobody wants to feel like they're rummaging through someone else's junk. Present it as a sale, not a junk pile. Use whatever space you can. Lay clothing out on a lawn, or hang it from a tree or garage door. You aslso may want to give your dishes and vases a quick rinse and shine so they don’t look dull and unappealing. Think about what attracts you to certain sales and items at those sales, and what pushes you away. Chances are if you listen to yourself, you’ll do just fine in increasing your curb appeal.

Have Bags:
It’s a known fact that when grocery shopping, having a cart makes you a LOT more likely to buy things you would pass on if you did not have a cart. If it’s something that will be cumbersome to carry around, people are more likely to pass on it. On the other hand, if you have a bag available and you see something you like, it's easy to just put it in the bag and continue shopping. If you see someone is interested in a few things, or has already picked up a couple, offer them a bag to shop with! At the very least, offer to hold those items that they already have in their hands for them until they are ready to pay. Don't let their inability to hold all of your awesome items at one time be the reason they stop shopping!

Have Cash and Coin Change:
It is important to start your sale with a cash and coin bank. You are expected (and rightfully so) by garage sale patrons to have a reasonable amount of change. If someone has a $10 and is buying a $0.50 item, it’s your responsibility to have $9.50 in change. If you don’t, you risk losing that sale. Having $25 in one dollar bills, $25 in five dollar bills and a roll of quarters is a safe bet. If you’re charging less than $0.25 per item have a roll of dimes and nickels as well. Using money from a coin jar is a great idea here.

Do you have any yard sale tips to share? Leave a comment below!

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