Work at Home Wednesday ~ Springboard America Pays Real Money for Easy Surveys!

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Are you looking for some ways to earn extra cash online? Paid survey sites is a great way to earn some extra cash for just giving your opinion on a variety of topics. Springboard America is one of the leading paid survey sites out there. We've earned real money from them and you can too! It takes a bit of time, but getting that $50 check will make it all worthwhile!

Springboard America is looking for some people who want to share their opinions for cash! We have already received a $50.50 check (see our earning pic below) from them for taking surveys over the course of a few months.
What I like about this site is that you get actual money for surveys. Gift cards and rewards are nice, but cold hard cash is always the best! Another thing I like about this site is that it's nice and basic. You'll get an email with a survey invitation. There will be a dollar amount and a time length. That's it. You qualify for most of the surveys they send too! (at least we do!) Also, if you don't have time that day, or that week to do a survey, no big deal! Just accept the surveys when you have time! They'll keep sending them (about 1-2 a week) and there's no requirement to take them all.

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Here's our earnings record:

That's $50!! That is no chump change!

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