Wine Wine Down ~ Labor Day Edition!

I know it's the Wine Wind Down, but the Budweiser guy talked us into these Bud Light Limarita things and they are delicious!
You may want to turn up your volume, this one got a little quiet. Sorry!

The hot dog deal mentioned in the video is part of the Kraft Catalina deal here.
Load a $1 just for U coupon for Safeway and pay $9.90 for 10 packs.
Then get a $10 Catalina coupon good for $10 off anything on your next Safeway trip! It's like paying nothing!

Safeway just for U link.
Kraft Catalina deal official page link.


  1. First of all loving the video series. Makes it easier when someone is showing you how to do coupons instead of telling you. Secondly, I went to the store last night and asked if the $1 just for U coupon was going to take off the price off of each of the ten hot dogs or one and the associate by explaining the just for you program said only one. So I got 3 hot dogs and 3 lunchmeat ready to pay a lot and expecting $5 cat. But it worked out to $1.77 (my personal price) lunchmeat and $0.99 hot dog. Altogether after all coupons and CATs it came out to $0.55 per item. Pretty good.

    • Thank you! There are definitely going to be more videos!
      Not bad, good improvisation on the deal! A lot of associates are still not 100% familiar with the JFY program. We attended a JFY event with some Safeway corporate executives in July and got clarification on the entire program including the wording online. In this case, there were 2 JFY offers for Oscar Mayer. There was a $1/2 coupon to load that said “limit 1”. But there was also a $1/1 offer to load that said “one time use”. We were told, and shopping trips have shown it to be true, that “one time use” means you can only get the offer on one transaction, but the discount will come off of an unlimited number of that item during that one transaction.
      Hopefully that makes sense!

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