Why Do You Use Coupons?

Why Use Coupons?

The answer seems quite obvious. To save money, duh!

So I guess the question is a little deeper than it seems.

Let me tell you a few reasons why I use coupons and shop smart.

One reason is that I like to save money. That's an easy one. Seeing your total working itself down from one number to one much lower just by handing over slips of paper is great! I don't run across too many people that wouldn't pick up a $5 bill laying on the ground right in front of them, but why are they not using coupons?

You could easily save $5 per shopping trip by doing it!

Another reason I use coupons and plan shopping trips carefully is to build a small stock of certain items. It is nice when we run out of toothpaste or body wash to just grab another one out of the closet. We have a running joke every time something like that runs out. We say, "oh, we're out of toothpaste, better go to CVS and get some for $4". The truth is, toothpaste, body wash and many other items are things that we simply do not pay for. Ever. Careful planning has allowed us to build a stockpile of these items and only replenish that stock when the items are free after coupons and sales. Building a stockpile can be important for many reasons. I recently took a large pay cut at work and being able to dig into our stockpile rather than go spend $25 is VERY nice right about now.

coupon stockpile

This is a small portion of our stockpile.

I have heard several stories about how a stockpile helped take families through a very difficult time due to lack of income. Also, when you are building a stockpile, you can periodically go through it and pick a bunch of stuff out to donate, giving you some great karma points! :D

Another thing that coupon users get to do is try new items out. If an item has a great coupon available, I will try that item out when I normally would never buy it.

Here are a few items that we tried only because we had coupons!

I have found some items that I have started to buy on a regular basis just because, at one time, there was a great offer out there for it. That's a situation where everyone is winning!

One of my favorite things about using coupons is that it allows me to be very generous with people who I like. I love saving friends and family a few bucks and a trip to the store by giving them a tube of toothpaste and some contact solution! People generally get some type of door prize when they come over! Your stockpile can also be a bargaining chip. Need a favor from someone? $25 in free drugstore products make a good incentive! :D

There are many reasons to use coupons. We want people to know just how easy it is to use coupons and how it directly effects your wallet in a good way!

Why do YOU use coupons?


  1. I coupon because it saves money. I look at it as cash! Playing the CVS game is bit scary at first, I think it is helpful to read tutorials on it and see what other people are buying. And then go in with a loose plan. Couponing can be easy if you just spend a little time on it every week. You have to stockpile your newspaper coupons for a couple of weeks to get the ones that match the sales.

    I can’t stand to go out to eat without a coupon. It almost hurts!

    • Well said! I agree that it just takes a little bit of planning each week. Being organized with the coupons is key as well. I’m the same way! When it’s time to go out to eat, I am always looking for deals! :D

  2. I coupon because in addition to savings lots of money, it is my hobby and a hobby that I can afford. I LOVE shopping, but do not love spending the money. It doesn’t matter to me if I am shopping for a dress or laundry soap. So, I can get what I truly need and will use at an awesome price, get out of the house, and have a good time doing it. I’m happy! I also use coupons and sales to purchase all of my gifts. I have lots of things tucked away in my closet that I will give people for their birthdays, Christmas presents, baby showers (you can get some really great deals on baby stuff; I don’t have any children, but that doesn’t keep me from shopping great deals in the baby section), etc. When I am out shopping, I am always keeping my eye out on things that people I know would like and I get them if I can get them at a super low price. It’s so much less stressful to go to your closet when the holiday season comes around than fighting the massive crowds in the stores.

    • Thank you for the response, I love it! I agree 100%! I didn’t touch on the gift part much, but it is great to have a stockpile of little gifts like nice lotions or beauty products to avoid a frantic gift buying trip and spending extra money.

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