While You’re Getting Free Batteries ~ Look for Coupons!

As advertised in their weekly ad, Office Max has 20 ct. packages of AA Duracell batteries for $16.99 with $16.98 back in rewards. There is a limit of 2 rewards per MaxPerks account. This is an in-store promotion only.

Anyway, we wne tot do this deal today and found 2 promotional packages that you should look for. They also had some plain packs, so make sure to check them all. One of the packs had $20 in P&G coupons in it. We got both of those. The other bonus pack has 2 extra batteries in it for free.

The coupons are terrible, which is disappointing since coupons inside of products are usually better. Give the choice again, I'd get the 2 extra batteries. The best one is a $5/2 Oral B Battery toothbrush coupon. There's also a $1/2 Puffs coupon. All of the rest can either be found in this month's P&G or in regular Sunday inserts.

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