Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans: Follow Up

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Remember when I told you all about how we switched our business phone line to Walmart Family Mobile? Well, I wanted to follow up to that post and let you know just how we have been liking our new plan! We had originally switched our personal phone lines to Walmart Family Mobile and loved them so much that we decided to change our business line to the same service. What a great idea that was! We love how affordable the plan is, and the best part is that it is literally everything that we were looking for in a plan, but for way lower than we had found anywhere else! We here at Look Before Spending are, after all, into saving money, and we are happy to report that this plan does just that. Plus, we don't have to sacrifice what we want. Win-win! Walmart Family Mobile offers no contract, unlimited plans, making it easy to stay on budget! I am a huge believer that #FamilyMobileSaves. We can save on what we need so we can splurge (every once in a while) on what we want! That's our motto!

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop savings #cbias

With the money we have saved on our mobile plan, we were able to make a few fun purchases that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to, including buying ourselves a new video game console! Ours had conked out on us a while ago, and once we signed up for this plan, we kept putting part of the savings aside for fun. If we had been spending more money on a phone plan, this wouldn't have been possible! This has proven to be a fun time to spend with our family, and our house is the chosen spot for family gatherings now. No complaints here! ;)

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop video games #cbias

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