Walmart Black Friday Layaway and Price Matching Update

Ok, we've got an update from Paul at I Heart the Mart about the Walmart Black Friday price matching fiasco. Basically, what it seems to boil down to is this: it is Walmart's policy to match competitor's prices. It is also their policy to give you the lowest price available for their layaway items when you go in to pay then off.

What this means is that they are supposed to match your layaway items to whatever sale is going on at the time you pay off your items, including Black Friday sales. The registers are supposed to automatically give the customer the lowest price.

They will match competitor's Black Friday prices on the exact same items.
The Thursday night sales do NOT end on Friday morning. All 3 events will be active on Friday.
Layaway is closed Thursday.

You may want to confirm with your store that they will have layaway open on Friday.

Keep in mind that we are only telling you what their policy says. We can not account for uninformed employees, differentiating store hours or anything else that may come up.

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