Walgreens Scenarios from a Reader!

Thanks to our awesome reader Andrew, we've got a Walgreens shopping scenario for you!
RR = Register Reward

Buy Complete Solution $7.99
- use $1/1 from the 4/29 SS
Pay $6.99+tax, get $8 RR

Buy Itch Cream $5, and First Aid Witch Hazel $4
- use $8 RR
Pay $1+tax, get back $5 + $4 RR

Buy Complete Solution $7.99
- use $1/1 from the 4/29 SS
Subtotal: $6.99
Need two or more fillers totaling to $2.01 or more

There you have it, 3 transactions and you'll get 4 items plus a couple of cheap fillers (candy, clearance, etc) for absolutely free after coupons and rewards!

(Thanks again, Andrew!)


  1. Update from my trip:

    I had to buy 3 of witch hazel and cream, so repeated all 3 transactions thrice.

    For Trans #3, I bought three Chicken of the Sea Tunas @ $0.79 each.
    Not the “best” price for tuna, but it’s the best “useful” filler item.
    Looks like I will be having tuna on my salad for work this week!
    -does the tuna can dance-

    You can’t handle.

    • Haha! I think all coupon users have to have a lot of ways to use tuna. Now if there was just an alternate use for contact solution…

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