Vistaprint is Back With Free Custom Shirts, Stamps, Business Cards and More!

Wanna make a free custom shirt?!

Who doesn't? Last time, we took advantage of this deal and created this masterpiece:

Create your own here! Or make that one and wear it all over town! :D

Get ready for back to school with 6 free back to school basics! Stock up on school supplies for all of your kids' needs. Choose from FREE Business Cards, Calendars, T-Shirts, Stamps, Tote Bags and Photo Books! The products are free, just pay for shipping!

Here are the shipping prices. Note, this is all you'll pay!
T-Shirt : $5.52
Calendar: $5.32
Business Cards: $7.09
Stamp: $7.09
Tote Bag: $5.52
Photo Flip Book: $7.09

Customize them all however you want!

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