Virgin Mobile Sale! Save 50% on All Phones Plus 20% Code!

Ok, so we could not be more excited about this! We just upgraded both of our phones for less than the price of one!

The coupon code appears to be working only if you do NOT have an online account set up with them. If you do, now might be a good time to create a fresh one.

Go here and add either the LG Optimus V, LG Optimus Slider or Motorola Triumph to your cart.

Use coupon code save20 to take 20% off!

We paid $130 after tax for the Triumph!
Now for our rant about Virgin Mobile and why you should get it:

Most of us waste a large portion of our cell phone bills every month.

Do you really need unlimited minutes? Or 1000 minutes? If you do, then read no further and keep your old plan. But if you don't talk on your phone for an average of 10 minutes per day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, then Virgin Mobile is for YOU!

They have a $35 unlimited text, web and data plan with 300 minutes included!

We save around $1,500 per year by paying $35 a month instead of $100 per month! $1,500!!

The service is great and we have no complaints after 2 years with the company!
We try to save you money around here, and we firmly believe that this is one the the easiest ways to save!

So go here and get a cheap phone today and get started!


  1. I purchased an Optimus on Black Friday and dropped AT&T!!

  2. Grrr… Why did I not see this until today? I have been paying only $30 with Sprint for 11 years but my plan sucks (300 minutes but no web/text/ or e-mail) my phone died. I wonder if I could buy a phone fof Ebay and still be able to sign up for their service…. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    • Zack & Katie says:

      You absolutely can! That’s what we did with our phones before we got the ones we have now! Just make sure it’s a phone specifically made for Virgin Mobile and that it’s a legit seller. You’ll see our two old ones on ebay next week ;)

  3. Hey Zack and Katie,

    Did you look into the Paylo program? It’s 1500 minutes and 1500 messages for $30. I’m wondering if there was a reason you’re going with the $35 a month…is it the unlimited text/web/data? I can’t see myself sending more than 50 texts per month.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      Yep, that’s exactly why. Plus the web. We like to have access to the internet everywhere so we can stay on top of the blog and whatnot. Also, since we joined 3 years ago, we still get the $35 plan for $25. If you’re not a big time texter, then the PayLo plan is probably better. We text a lot, but the main reason we have that plan if for the internet. Unlimited net means we can use GPS anytime, we (Zack) can stay on top of all of the sports scores, and we can download all of the coolest apps! :)

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m so torn. I would love to be able to access the GPS rather than buying a new GPS which we also need. I just hate the new phones. I went to test some out at the Sprint store and they were jsut awful. I was trying to speak with CS and my cheek kept dialing numbers bc of the touch screen lol. I yelled, “This is why I wish I could keep my dinosaur phone!” :D I am only 35 but felt like a 90 year old trying to “get a grip” on technology. Hopefully I can go look at the Virgin Mobile phones at Walmart and Target and see if they have one that can do GPS that doesn’t allow my cheek to dial when I am talking. ;D

        • Zack & Katie says:

          LOL, dinosaur phone! Yea, we have that problem sometimes too. Our Optimus V is ok though, the screen locks when talking on the phone. You do have the ability to unlock it if needed. Radio Shack has them on display to check out, as does Best Buy mobile. Good luck! Also, go through Ebates if you do buy the phone through Virgin’s site, cause you’ll get some cash back! :)

          • Zack & Katie says:

            Update on Ebates – we got $22.50 on each phone!! Since the range caps at $22.50 and this is the most expensive phone they have, I was hoping!

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