Twelve 12 Pk. of Coke Products for $20 at CVS!

CVS has Coke 12 packs on sale for 2/$5 this week. They are limit 4 per transaction. They are also part of the spend $30, get $10 gift card promotion.


Buy 4 packs three separate times. The Spend $30 get $10 offer CAN be spread over multiple transactions.
You'll pay $30 and get $10 back, making your out of pocket cost $20, for twelve 12 packs!
That's $1.67 per 12 pack and probably the lowest price you'll find for a while!

Also, if you get 12 packs, you'll have 120 Coke Rewards points, which is almost enough (133) to get one of a few magazine subscriptions they have!

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