Turn your Rite Aid +Up Rewards Into Cash Next Week!

Starting Sunday, Rite Aid has about 5 products that will be free after coupons and rebates. The rebate amounts total around $30, which means you can spend your +Up to get the items, and then get a check at the end of the month! I love when RA has great +Up deals followed by Single Check Rebate deals!

More details to come within a day or two on the freebies, this post is just to ease people's minds about the prospect of being stuck with tons of +Ups and no good sales to use them on.

So get out there, and get your Lays, Oberto, Afrin, Coricidin, your Winter Reward and Heart Healthy Rewards!


  1. woohoo!! i’m excited about this one – OOH! AND THANK YOU FOR TELLING US ABOUT the foam hair color thingamajig!!! i just signed up for one. as always you’re a rockstar.

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