Top 5 Free Finance Apps To Help Manage Your Spending

5 free apps to help manage spending
The following is a guest post from Dave Landry Jr.

One of the most essential facets of saving money is to understand what it takes to manage your money. With today’s mobile technology, it is easy to do so. There are a host of applications that one can download to keep track of how his/her money is spent. Here are five free finance apps for Android and iOS systems that will help you better manage your finances:

1. ReadyForZero
This is an iOS app that is offered freely to consumers. People are facing so many financial hardships and considerable debt these days and in their desire to cut costs and save their money, this app will assist in reaching reasonable financial goals. It is a great tool to help you plan how you will become debt free. It helps you to spend your money wisely. With this app, you enter all of your debts and include the timeframe to pay them off. The app will give you reminders and tips on following your financial plan to meet your goals.

2. PageOnce
This app operates as both an iOS and Android app. PageOnce is similar to Mint. With this app, you can easily connect to your financial accounts including your credit card and bank account.  This app stands out because of its easy, completely free bill paying service. However, credit card bills will invite a fee. Unlike other apps that don’t connect to smaller financial institutions such as credit unions, this app is widely supported by a plethora of credit unions.

3. Mint
This app operates as both an iOS and Android app. This is the simplest and most fun of the apps that we will discuss here. All that is required is the entry of your credit card and banking account information, and the system creates an easily navigated portal for you to see all your financial statements. You will be reminded of your credit card payments. You will be alerted if you have spent excessively in a wide range of categories. You will also be alerted of suspicious charges. The app links to the home budget software provided by Mint. This allows you to access the complete money management features; no matter where you are located. You can create reports and view graphs to determine where you are spending the most and how to use your finances wisely.

4. Personal Capital Banking and Investment
This app also operates in both an iOS and Android capacity. It carries more features than the Mint app does. It has an investment section to it. It has been tested and proven to have great control over investing. All that it requires is to input your credit card and bank information as well as your investment accounts. You can create watch lists of different stocks and bonds. The app will do the rest. The app will send free market trend alerts and reports on specific portfolios that you would otherwise pay for elsewhere.

5. Retail Me Not
This app also operates in both an iOS and Android capacity. You will be able to access all coupon mailers and discounts from manufacturers as well as online coupon codes. The app has a GPS system installed to determine what store locations are close by with deals and coupons that you can access. This includes groceries, household products, clothes, entertainment and any savings that would benefit your household. This offers convenience because you won’t end up at a store with coupon in hand; discovering that it cannot be used there.

About the Author -- Dave Landry Jr.
Dave Landry Jr. is a finance and business-related blogger and advisor who also has also developed a few smartphone applications for both iOS and Android operating systems. Dave also contributes to National Debt Relief.


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