Today’s Rite Aid Trip ~ 3/7/11

Stopped by Rite Aid today for some things.

Here's what I got:
Keri Lotion
Thermacare Travel size back & hip
Colgate Total x 2
Port Clyde sardines x 4 (BOGO 50% off)
Air Wick aerosol air freshener x 2 (BOGO Free sale)
1 Pack 2009 Topps baseball cards! (old habits die hard) (50% off clearance!)

$3/1 Keri lotion
$1/1 Colgate x 2
$3.99 In Ad Thermacare coupon
BOGO Free (Up to $1.39) Air Wick

Paid with:
$1.48 cash and $13 +Ups

$8 in +Ups ($1 each for the sardines, $2 each for the Colgate
Will get $6 Single Check Rebate for the Keri lotion.

Total out of pocket - $0.48!

-The Keri coupon beeped like crazy, but was pushed through.
-My 10% off every day discount which came off or the regular priced sardines last time when I bought the Port Sardines did NOT come off this time. Had it come off, this transaction would have been completely free.
- I would have used the $3/$15 coupon available by taking a survey here if my printer had ink.
-I hate not having a printer!
-The Arm and Hammer Spinbrush that is reportedly on sale at some Rite Aid stores was regularly prices at mine.
-This is a great week to stock up on Thermacare patches if you use them.


  1. bummer to hear about your printer not having ink. =( thanks for showing this transaction…i may have to follow your footsteps minus the keri deal (threw away the qpon. oops) – thx again zacK!

  2. Catherine says:

    can we still do SCR deals although they are not listed in the ad?

    • You should be able to, as it is advertised in the Single Check Rebate March ad. It says $6 rebate is good only if purchased between 3/6-3/12.

  3. Zack, if you got the sardines last week, they were regular price $1.29 with $1 up.
    That is why you got your 10% as the lower price.
    This week the sardines are on sale bogo 50% and since it is lower then your 10% you did not get it this time.
    Next week is another story, tuna and not sure if sardines too are buy $15 get $5 up. So you should get your 10% and $5up when you buy $15. You need to make sure you get to $15 with your 10%. Good luck finding more then 10 cans in the store.

    • Both purchases were this week, which is why it was odd. Anyway, yes, finding ten cans will be tough, but you can always try asking them to order extra for next week…

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