Tips for When the Unexpected Happens – Broken Car Windows

So it's kinda hard to see, but this is our car windshield. We were on the freeway Wednesday and something came out of nowhere and slammed into our window, cracking it and nearly breaking through.

After we got our bearings, we started to realize this had potential to be a pretty large, unforeseen expense. That night, we shopped around and found a couple of places with specials. Definitely shop around in this case. You need it fixed ASAP, but you can still bargain shop!

We found one place offering a $20 gas card with window purchase, another gave us a quote for $177 (cheaper than we originally thought, but still a lot of money!) I called our insurance company and asked if our rate would go up if we filed a claim for the glass repair. I was assured there would be no rate increase, so we went through insurance.

It is important to look through all of your outlets to find a way to bring your out of pocket expenses down.

We found a place that helped up waive part of our deductible and got us down to $40 out of pocket! $40 is a whole lot better than $177, or $200+ as some of the quotes were.

Just because they don't make coupons for windows, or you are not familiar with the window market doesn't mean you have to get ripped off! Stick to your bargain ways! It saved us about $135!


  1. Oh man, that’s a bummer. But so glad you found a great deal!

  2. cedargroveguy says:

    Glad you are both OK. Maybe a couple of rebate checks (like the ones we have waiting here) would help with the rest.

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