Thred-Up 48 Hour Sale! Great Deals on Kid’s Clothing!

Have you heard of thred-Up?
It's a great website that allows you to buy gently used kid's clothing for around $1 per piece!

The site is set up so anyone can buy and sell on thred-Up.

Check out the super easy page to browse for clothes (click on the picture to enlarge):

This is a great site if your kids don't have older siblings to get hand-me-downs from!

Check out thred-Up here!


  1. Thanks for doing the screen shot of the page above. That was a great touch. I’ve been meaning to check it out Thred Up, but I have been a little hesitant. Maybe now is a good time. I prefer on-line marketplaces like Storkbrokers. I guess I prefer to just just what I need instead of a huge box of “stuff.” Storkbrokers is a good resource for any of your readers looking to selling their unused or outgrown gear.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      Thanks! Storkbrokers looks like a nice site too! I did notice that many clothing items were $3-$6 a piece. That’s what’s nice about ThredUp, you pay around a buck for each piece of clothing in the boxes. So even if one out of every 2 items is not for you, it’s still a good deal in comparison! Either way, it’s nice to have sites like this out there to help parents save money! :)

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