The Deals are Slow, Now’s a Great Time to Make Some Extra Cash with Paid Surveys!

It's the time of year that the deals are a little slower, but that doesn't mean you can't be doing things to help out your wallet!

We've got a nice list of tried and tested paid survey sites that you can use to score some extra gift cards and even cash!
Our one piece of advice: stick with it! You're not going to make $20 today, but if you sign up for a couple of these sites, and stick with it, you'll be cashing out sooner than you think!

Check out our Screenshots page to see the rewards we have earned on various sites.

MyView is probably my favorite survey/reward site. I joined October 19th, earned my first $15 Amazon gift card on October 30th and my second $15 on November 19. That's $30 in exactly a month!

At MyView, all you do is take surveys. It is easier to qualify for surveys on this site than ANY other site I have come across. Even better, you get points even if you don't qualify after the initial questions. The average points earned per survey is 1,000 and the $15 cash out level for Amazon is at 21,000 and the $25 level is 33,950.

Check your email daily. You can pretty easily average 3-4 surveys per week.

This is the best site for making actual extra money. I joined this one and in about 3 months got a check for $57.32.
$5.00 bonus for signing up!

Every day the user will get a few paid emails, which you get $0.02 each for reading and clicking through (very easy). An average of one of the paid emails each day will be a survey. Complete the survey for $0.50-$1.50 on average. There are also cash offers and sign up offers, but I recommend sticking to the surveys and paid emails unless the ads are for something you would buy anyway.

You have to reach $30 in order to cash out. Be patient, it won't take as long as you think.

Springboard America is the runner up for making actual money. You get paid for each survey, once you hit $50, you get a check! We got ours and let me tell you, getting $50 in the mail for taking surveys is awesome!
Males sign up here.
Females sign up here.


Synovate Global Opinion is a website where you can earn cash for taking surveys as well as take part in product tests. You are given surveys like other survey sites and when completed, you earn points that add up to a dollar amount that is payable by check in $5 increments.

Synovate takes itself above other survey sites by the product reviews it offers. If you qualify for certain surveys, and agree to test a product, you will be sent a free product to test and review! Not only do you get the product free, but you earn more points by completing the follow up survey about that product!

Since I joined, I have gotten a full sized bag of a new cat litter (worked great by the way) and a full sized bottle of Head & shoulders (didn't know what it was at the time) to test out and keep, 5 samples of designer cologne to test, several types of name brand candy to test and review plus more! Free candy?! Sign me up!

MySurvey - Surveys are fairly tough to qualify for. You get a lot though, so you can probably qualify for about 1 every 2 days. There rewards are nice because they have a ton of gift cards to choose from. It takes some time to get to the cash out level, but it's not unreasonable. Sign ups are not going on all of the time, so stay posted to see when they are accepting applicants.
*Currently accepting applicants!
My Points is an easy one. Just click emails for 5 points and take surveys for 50 or so. We've earned several CVS gift cards through them!

Pinecone Research pays $3 per survey. Katie has received a few $3 checks form them for easy surveys. Right now, they are only taking sign ups for Hispanic people.
Here are a few sites that we have not tried, but are rated pretty high by the Survey Police:

So there you have it. Sign up for them all and test them, or pick one or two to try! Either way, you're going to come out ahead, since these are all free sign ups and there is no risk to you! Hint: making a "survey site" email address might be a good idea to keep everything in one place! ;)

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