The $5 Experiment ~ How Far Can We Get With Five Bucks in 2012?

We are going to see how far we can take this five dollar bill in 2012!

Here are the rules we are setting for ourselves:
- We are starting with $5.00 and cannot spend more than that until we earn more.
- We can only spend as much as the running balance in our "Experiment account".
Example: we start with $5.00. We get an item for $5.00. We get $5 in rewards/cash back and use a $1 instant coupon. This item would be a $1 moneymaker and we would then have $6 in our "Experiment account" to spend on the next deal.
- We are EXCLUDING tax in EVERY deal. I know most of us pay it, but some states don't, and plus, it's easier for us if we don't have to figure it out.
- We are counting store credit as cash, because it is money good for stuff that we would be buying anyway.
- In the case of a Mail in Rebate, we will add the money (minus stamp cost) to our "Experiment Account" instantly.

The idea here is to try and get hesitant coupon users and beginning savers motivated! I think a lot of people will be amazed to see just what $5 can do with a little bit of shopping smarts!

So... let's see how far we can take this!

We have set up a separate page that will keep the log of this experiment as we move through this experiment.
See that page here.

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