Thanksgiving Giveaway Numbers!

Here are the numbers for those who entered our $5 Target gift card and more giveaway.

This giveaway will revolve around one of my obsessions in life: Fantasy Football!

I am rooting for Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions to have a LOT of receiving yards in Thursday's game.
You should be rooting for him to get the same amount of yards as your number!

We drew numbers via between 80-130 (we chose that range because this season, he has gotten between 80-130 yards in all but one of the games, so we figure he'll land somewhere in there)

The winner will have the closest number to the number of his total yards.
If there is a tie, then whoever had the number that did NOT go over the winning number wins.

Good luck!

Here are your numbers:
Goosegal - 96
Sheena - 89
Carrie - 107
Kimberly - 128
Tracie - 100
Jamie - 84
Lucy - 112
Andrew - 119
Anna M - 123
Jessica T - 81
Steph - 98
Kim - 104
Vera - 122


  1. It looks like he didn’t come through for us yesterday!

  2. Jessica T. says:

    I was hoping he would end up on the low end of the 80 to 130 range, but not 49 yards. It was fun watching though! There’s just something about Thanksgiving Day football!

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