Target Trip 3/16. Free Cat Food, Floss & More!

Went to Target today for some much needed essentials (milk, eggs, produce). Decided to make a few deals out of it though!

Here are some deals I scored:
Up & Up Floss $0.89 - Used $1/1 oral care (scans at $0.89 off) Target Coupon
93/7 Ground Beef - On sale this week for just $3/pound!
1 Bag Purina cat Food $4.79 - Used $1/1 from the 2/13 Smart Source
Up & Up cotton balls $1.29 - used $0.50 Target Coupon
Orbit Gum $0.99 - used free coupon from ESPN Magazine March Issue
Chef Boyardee Ravioli $0.89 - Used free coupon from Wal Mart (posted about this coupon a couple of weeks ago.
Egg Beaters $2.29 - Used Free coupon from Wal Mart
Goodlife Recipe Cat Food $0.65 - Used (8) $1/1 Coupons from the 3/6 Red Plum
Also got nice deals on large Avocados ($1 each) and Huge Bananas ($0.24 each)

My purchase went as good as possible, yours may vary. What do I mean? Well, the Goodlife cat food that I was planning on getting for free at $0.77 each was on clearance (look on the endcaps if it is not on the shelf) for $0.65, but 3 of them rang up at $0.53. The coupons all scanned, without beeping for $1 off. I know some regions got $1.50/1 coupons and it would be interesting to hear if those worked the same way. So anyway, I was given overage on all of those. Then, I had the coupons for free Chef Boyardee, Orbit and Egg Beaters. Well, as you know, the "free" coupons always have an "up to" amount on them. My cashier just looked for the max value listed on the coupons and entered that amount. The Ravioli was $0.89 but she took of $2.00! Same thing happened with the Orbit (Rang at $0.99, took off $1.49( and the Egg Beaters (Rang at $2.29, took off $2.70). I got $5.18 in overage! This is what is supposed to happen if you shop at Wal Mart now (see new coupon policy post here), but I'll take it at Target too!

Important notes: do NOT expect the overages I got, just be happy if you get them. DO expect them to adjust the coupon down if they try and reject it.

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