Target Promo Coming Friday and Saturday ~ Spend $75, Get a $10 Gift Card!

They have changed this one a bit and made it more restrictive. The wording says that your subtotal must be $75 and that the $75 is AFTER all applicable discounts (most likely including coupons). Now who knows if this will vary from store to store, but I'd be ready to spend $75 after coupons if you want this.

I don't think that gift cards earned will count against you though. What I mean is that if you have exactly $75 after coupons, and you did the Glade deal where you got a $5 Target card back, you should still get the $10 back too, without having to spend more. We'll see though...

There is no coupon for this offer and appears to just be an in-store promo. Here's some more info from their Facebook page. (You'll have to "like" them to see all the info)

This offer will also most likely NOT stack, so you can't get a $500 iPad and expect to get (5) $10 gift cards.

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