Colgate Coupons

colgate coupons
Colgate coupons are available to print very often. There are also Colgate coupons very frequently in the Sunday paper inserts. Additionally, the drugstores seem to like putting Colgate products in their weekly sales and reward deals. Combining the sales with Colgate coupons can mean a big savings for you.
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There always seems to be a nice variety of Colgate coupons. When they release new printable manufacturer coupons, they seem to release them in sets. There are coupons for toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash. Sometimes there are a couple of each one out! One thing I noticed about the Colgate coupons that come out in the Sunday newspaper inserts is that they have short expiration dates. They seem to expire within 2 weeks of the release date. Because most printable coupons don't expire for one month after you print it, I encourage you to print Colgate coupons when you do see them available online. Having the coupon a longer period of time will give you more chances to find great sales to combine with your coupons.

Colgate coupons combined with sales make great deals!

With the right combination of Colgate coupons and store deals, you should be able to get Colgate products for free, or close to free after using the coupon on top of a sale and getting a store reward back. I have not paid for Colgate (or any brand of oral care product) products in over 3 years. It's really quite easy, but it starts with having the coupons ready to go when you do find that sale. I can't tell you how many times I try to save ink and avoid printing a coupons, only to regret it later when that item goes on sale and it would have been free with coupon! Don't let that happen to you!

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Gain Coupons

gain coupons
Gain printable coupons are frequently available to be printed from the internet. You can also sometimes find Gain coupons in your Sunday newspaper. When you're printing your Gain coupons from the internet, know that on most printable manufacturer coupon sites, you can print a maximum of TWO coupons per computer. The most common Gain coupons we see are $0.50/1 of $1/2 products. While not a spectacular savings, it's a) more than you would save if you had no coupon and b) more money to spend on stuff you want!
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Click here to see if there are Gain coupons available. If you don't see any, keep you eye out for Purex and other laundry detergent brand coupons, as there is usually at least on available at all times. Need the Gain coupons? Bookmark this page or follow our social media accounts for updates on when the coupons become available!

Tips on using Gain coupons

When using your Gain coupons, be sure to read the wording on the coupons very carefully. A lot of the manufacturer coupons nowadays limit your usage to 4 "like" coupons per transaction. Also, keep in mind that you don't always have to use the coupon for the item pictured on the coupon. This goes back to carefully reading the wording. A lot of times, the manufacturer will picture a more expensive item, hoping that you will use the Gain coupon on that, but if the wording does not exclude a smaller, less expensive product, you are free to use the coupon on that item instead! Occasionally, you will run into a "hero" cashier who only looks at the picture on the coupon. Kindly point out the wording if this happens.

You can also find Gain coupons in your monthly P&G brand saver, which comes around once a month in your Sunday paper. It is usually around the time of this release, that Gain coupons become more readily available online for a limited time. So be sure to follow this site for up-to-date availability information!

Green Giant Coupons

green giant coupons
Green Giant coupons are great because they give us the rare opportunity to save on vegetables. Vegetable coupons are somewhat of a holy grail for couponers. Coupons often get a "bad rap" because they are "only for unhealthy items". Well, I disagree with that statement, but that being said, it's always nice to be able to save on some vegetables too.
green giant coupons 2014
Green Giant coupons are no longer only for canned or boxed vegetables though. Green Giant has recently released some Green Giant vegetable chips and they are pushing them hard, with lots of available coupons. Right now, we can find Green Giant coupons in the newspaper inserts often, in addition to being available online for printing.

At the time of writing this post, there are currently 3 different inserts with Green Giant coupons in addition to 4 different websites where you can print Green Giant manufacturer coupons. I will say though, that all of the Green Giant coupons that are currently out are for their new veggie chips.

When not found online, Green Giant coupons will typically come in a Smart Source newspaper insert that is heavy with other General Mills coupons. These coupons come about once per month. The printable online coupons are generally released, or reset on the first of every month.

Keep an eye out for Green Giant at your local dollar store. Some of the best deals to come from green Giant coupons have come from dollar stores. Whatever you do, make sure you print Green Giant vegetable coupons right when you see them online, because they tend to not last very long. Coming back here at the 1st of every month is a good way to find them. Additionally, you can follow this site using the social media buttons at the top of the site for more up-to-date info on whether Green Giant coupons are available or not.

Slim Fast Coupons

slim fast coupons
Slim Fast coupons come to us in a variety of different ways. You can print Slim Fast coupons online, in addition to finding them in coupon inserts in the Sunday paper and on products in the form of peelies. The main thing you have to look for when seeking out Slim Fast coupons is the difference between a coupon for Slim Fast shakes and drinks and coupons for Slim Fast bars. The coupons are generally specific to those products, so if you can use one on drinks, you usually cannot use that coupon on bars.
slim fast coupons 2014
Target commonly has store specific Slim Fast coupons which you can start with Slim Fast manufacturer coupons to double up on your savings. Target also puts Slim Fast items on their gift card promotion deals often - offering a $5 Target gift card back when you purchase a certain number of Slim Fast products. Use a store coupon, a manufacturer coupon and get this gift card deal to triple up on your savings. We cal that a perfect storm in the couponing world and it doesn't come around very often. When it does, it's glorious and time to stock up!

Keep an eye on expiration dates when stocking up of food products like Slim Fast. The worst thing is to buy a bunch of a product and to soon realize that they are all near or past expiration date!

Because of the potential for the perfect store of coupon savings, I recommend that you print Slim Fast coupons whenever they are available and just have them on hand in case one of these magic deal combinations comes up. Its a real bummer when these types of deals come up and you have to pass it up because you don't have the printable that is no longer available to print.

Do you find Slim Fast coupons in other places? Tell me where!

Smart Ones Coupons

smart ones coupons
Smart Ones coupons are some of the more frustrating ones that I have seen online. They seem to always want you to buy 10 or 12 of the product. That being said, the savings can be as much as $4 form one coupon! There are also many different types of Smart Ones coupons, due to the many different products that Smart Ones makes. They have coupons for all frozen items, breakfast items, oatmeal items, Smart Creation items and more! For that reason, be sure to pay attention to the wording on the coupons to make sure you are printing and redeeming the correct coupons.
smart ones coupons 2014

Smart Ones coupons come in the Sunday inserts on occasion

When the Smart Ones coupons are in the Sunday newspaper inserts, they are generally found in the Red Plum insert. Most likely, if they have a newer line of products out, the coupons in the paper will be for those items in particular. There is also a few Smart Ones coupons on the Smart Ones Eat Your Best website.

Smart Ones products can be found at pretty much all major grocery stores and even Walmart and Target. The nice thing about that is that occasionally, Target will release a store coupon for Smart Ones products. You are allowed to use both the manufacturer coupon and the store coupon on the item, thus creating an even bigger savings opportunity for you!

If you ever see Smart Ones coupons for less than 4 items, I recommend printing them. A I write this post, there are coupon offers for $4 off 12 products and $5 off 15 products. To me, that is a LOT of Smart Ones to purchase at one time. The $5 savings is nice, but I don't have the freezer space for 15 of those! I'd rather have a $1/2 or even $1/3.

Have you found Smart Ones coupons anywhere else? Do they make tearpads or peelies for Smart Ones products? Let me know if you've found them elsewhere!