T-Shirts for Charity from Sevenly.org!

This may not be the most frugal thing, but it is for a good cause, so we thought you may be interested!

Sevenly.org picks a new cause each week to donate proceeds from their t-shirt sales.

This week, the funds are going to support Autism Speaks. $7 from each t-shirt sold goes straight to Autism Speaks, where the money will be used to fund technology used for therapy. This is a great cause, so check back each week and see if you like the shirt! $7 from each sale is a LOT!

There are a TON of people on board with this. This week, Sevenly was set to match the $21 sale with $21 donated to the charity. They were going to go up to $75,000 total. Well, it took around ONE day to meet that total! How great is that?! Still, $7 per shirt is being donated, and that is no small chunk of change!

Anyway, check out the site and the shirts here and see what you think!

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