Swagbucks! The Best Site You Are Ignoring!

I am sure many of you have already heard of SwagBucks, and hopefully, many of you are active members.

SwagBucks is a search and win site that rewards you with SwagBucks for searching using their engine. You can also earn bucks for doing daily polls, daily offers (you can decline all of them and still get bucks), surveys, shopping and completing sign up offers.

The casual SwagBucks user can easily obtain enough SwagBucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card code EVERY MONTH!

You only need 450 SwagBucks to get the $5 Amazon Code!

Here's how to earn up to 20 points every day in just 90 seconds on the site:
-Visit the "Trusted Surveys" section for 1 buck
-Vote on the Daily Poll for 1 Buck
-Click the NOSO offers and decline them all for 2 bucks
-Download the toolbar and get 1 buck every day you use it (just have to open your browser)
-Search in the morning until you win (between 7-12 SwagBucks on average)
-Search at night until you win (between 7-12 SwagBucks)

That will get you 20 per day, which is 450 in a month!

Other easy ways to earn:
-Qualify for surveys (25-200 SwagBucks)
-Sign up for the offers that require email sign up (average of 10-25 SwagBucks)
-Find Swag codes hidden in the blog and on their Facebook page
-Watch videos under special offers tabs for 2 points every few days

Just from these things, I usually earn about two $5 Amazon codes per month!

That's $120 per year just from SwagBucks to spend on whatever I want! If you sign up now and really start earning, you can take some of the sting of of Holiday shopping this year!

You can earn tons of other things from Swagbucks, but the $5 Amazon code is by far the best! (Note: they do have higher value Amazon cards, but they are not as proportionately well prices. i.e. a $10 one is more than twice the cost of the $5 one, so get two $5 ones!)

I notice that I have a few referrals that have seemed to just signed up and forgotten about the site. There are serious rewards to be earned here, so stick with it and you will reap the benefits!
Look at my earnings since October of 2010:

I have earned exactly 745 referral bucks, so take out 2 gift cards to see a more realistic earning forecast for someone who will not be getting referral bucks. But why not?! Once you are on SwagBucks for a while, you are bound to want to tell your friends, so make them your referrals and let the Bucks roll in!

SwagBucks is celebrating their 3rd birthday on Monday and promise to give out more Swag Codes than ever before! Signing up now, and using the code birthdayfun upon sign up will get you 30 sign up Bucks plus 25 bonus bucks! After Monday, you will have the chance to already be halfway to an Amazon code!

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