Swagbucks Tasks! Earn Even More Swag!

Swagbucks has begun to offer tasks as a method of earning Swagbucks! If you are familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk or other task sites, you know what online tasks are. If not, check out Swagbucks.com and find Tasks under the "earn" tab.

Basically, the tasks are little assignments that companies want done. Some common tasks include finding phone numbers for websites, determining which search result best fits the search request, and stuff like that. Check it out, see if it's worth it to you. I think it's a great way to earn some Swagbucks, especially on slow shopping weeks like the one upcoming!

If you are looking to earn extra cold hard cash (or Indian Rupees, see below!), doing tasks for Amazon Mechanical Turk is a way to slowly accumulate some extra funds. (The money does add up if you stick with it!)

So whether you are doing tasks for Swagbucks or not, you should definitely think about doing them for someone as a way of making some extra cash (slowly) at home!

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