Super Bowl Giveaway! Enter to Win Cash and Prizes Now! Cash, Gift Cards & Coupons!

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So the Super Bowl is a major holiday in our household, so we figured we'd celebrate with all of you too!

To enter this giveaway, "Like" us on Facebook and leave a comment here telling us what (if anything) you're doing for the Super Bowl and who you think is going to win!

What will you win?
10 coupons (Max. 3 each, 10 total) of your choice from any insert(s) in January (except the $3/1 Iams coupon, sorry!)
$5 Target Gift Card
$5 Chevron Gas Card
$5 Cash if you win the giveaway AND pick the winning team!
4 Pack Expo Dry Erase Markers
4 Brand New Black Fine Tip Sharpies
8 Pack Staples #2 Pencils
The winner will get a nice little Priority Mail box full of the prizes listed above!

We will also give an additional $5 Paypal to the winner if we get to 330 Facebook fans by the end of the giveaway!

The giveaway will run until Sunday 2/5/12 at Noon Pacific Time and we'll get the numbers up within an hour of the ending! The winner will be determined by a result in the Super Bowl, so you'll have something else to root for!


  1. To celebrate the Super Bowl, I’ll go shopping at Rite Aid, just like most Sundys:)

    I think the Patriots will win.

  2. I am going to take advantage of the sales they have for superbowl (hopefully the coupons are friendly! haha). Do I HAVE to say who I think will win? I don’t want to ruin any relationships over sports here like some have in the past. HAHAHAHA.

  3. jennifer horn says:

    We’ll be watching from home as a family eating a lot of good food. I think the Giants will win.

  4. I like you on facebook, i think the giants will win – we are having a little party and eating the normal super bowl foods, hot wings, nachos, etc..!

  5. I picked up a shift at work because I was so disappointed! So I’ll be slinging spaghetti lol. I guess I’ll go for the Giants b/c I will never root for the unPatriots.

  6. Mai Nguyen says:


  7. Elizabeth Spallinger says:

    Hoping the Giants win!

    I’ll be watching the game at home with a few friends.

  8. michelle kidwell says:

    Dont really have a favorite team, but my 5 year old says the patriots are gonna win. And I will probably spend it watchin the game but paying way more attention to the commercials than the actual football. lol

  9. Tanya Cordes says:

    Hanging with family; Patriots for the winning team. :)

  10. I’m making a chili & having a potluck “Football Feast” with a bunch of friends! Hoping the Giants win!

  11. Not doing much, my hubby has to work and we might go to a party after he gets off. I think the Patriots will win. :)

  12. Watching the game with family and friends and eating 5 kinds of soup–our own “souper” bowl! Go Patriots!

  13. Christine says:

    Watching with family – Go Giants.

  14. im going to bring a spoon to the super bowl. GET IT? HAHAHAHA. I like the super bowl commercials and go patriots~.

  15. no plans so far

  16. Latonya R says:

    I will be sitting at home, having made a few snacks just to watch the game! I am going for the patriots

  17. Derrell D says:

    I will be home watching the game in the bed lol

  18. just become a fan..thanks for your help :)

  19. i will be having baby shower on the same day but it ends at 4pm before Super Bowl so watch the same with friends who want to stay. I goes with Patriots!

  20. My plans include eating lots and lots of good stuff that I don’t usually let myself eat :) I think the Patriots will win!

  21. Jessica T. says:

    I like you on facebook. I am going to watch the Super Bowl at home with my son and some good snacks. I hope the Giants win!

  22. Cooking, cleaning, then watching the game with family. Patriots for the win!

  23. CVS then spending the rest of the day relaxing and watching the game. I want the Giants to win.

  24. A Bentley says:

    I will be coupon-ing on Sunday.. I think the Giants will win..

  25. odessa frey says:

    Hooray! FB fan 331! Congrats! We have no plans for tomorrow, I am a bit bummed. We always have plans. I am rooting Pats!

  26. deanna hanson says:

    we are hanging out at home. i think the giants will win

  27. Cynthia Sanders Hood says:

    We’re watching the game at home. We’re for the Giants.

  28. Amanda Bollinger says:

    We’re going to my cousin’s 20th birthday party. They always have it on Super Bowl Sunday. I think the Giants will win even though I know nothing about football.

  29. I like you on FB(Kelly D Saver) and I am just hanging out with my family at home. I think the Giants will win.

  30. Stephanie P says:

    Just hanging out at home. :) Go Giants!

  31. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    We have family over and some of my husband’s co-workers as well. Giants will win!

    Mama-Nikki Vosburgh on Facebook

  32. Jessica Dawson-Brown says:

    We are hanging out just us watching the game and tweeting and fb with friends about the game :)

  33. Jessica Dawson-Brown says:

    Sorry Forgot to add which team! Patriots!!

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