Springboard America Still Taking New Members ~ Plus Other Tested and Approved Paid Survey Sites!

We're re-posting about Springboard because they are such a good paid survey site!

Springboard America is looking for some people who want to share their opinions for cash! I have already received a $50.50 check (see our earning pic below) from them for taking surveys in the past few months.
What I like about this site is that you get money for surveys. There is nothing else about it. It's nice and basic. You'll get an email with a survey invitation. There will be a dollar amount and a time length. That's it. You qualify for most of the surveys they send too! (at least we do!)

Males Click Here to sign up.

Females click the picture above or here to sign up.

Here's our earnings record:

I addition to Springboard America, check out these survey sites that we also love (remember, patience is key, you're not getting rich quickly here, but it IS real money!):
Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars give a $5 bonus on sign up and pays you for surveys as well as reading emails! The cash out level is $30 and it'll take about a month or two to get there.
My Survey

My Survey will get you gift cards (including Amazon) for reaching 1100 points. Each survey pays around 50-100 points and you even get 5 if you don't qualify. You'll cash out in about a month with regular visits.
Ipsos I-Say

We just started this one, but it looks promising.
Sign up for one, or all and decide which one you like the best. We have earned a couple of hundred bucks plus another $300 in Amazon gift cards and we highly recommend spending just 15-30 minutes a day taking surveys, as it will add up quickly. Plus, it's free money!

Go here to see our entire Side Money/Gift Cards page.

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