Springboard America Still Taking New Male Applicants!

Springboard America is looking for some people who want to share their opinions for cash! I have already received a $50.50 check (see our earning pic below) from them for taking surveys in the past few months.
What I like about this site is that you get money for surveys. There is nothing else about it. It's nice and basic. You'll get an email with a survey invitation. There will be a dollar amount and a time length. That's it. You qualify for most of the surveys they send too! (at least we do!)

Males Click Here to sign up.

Females Click Here to sign up.


  1. I tried signing up during class around noon today, and the website crashes after I try submitting. I try again right now, and the website doesn’t even load :(

    I’ll try again tomorrow or something. Ty for posting though!

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