Sponsored Review ~ PromotionCode.org

Normally, I don't accept sponsored reviews, but I do when they are beneficial to the readers of this site.

PromotionCode.org is one of those sites. I know there are many promotion code sites out there, but hey, why not have a lot of sites helping us save money?!

PromotionCode.org is easy to navigate and basic in design. This can be a good thing when all you want is a dang code!

The thing that sets PromotionCode.org apart from some other promotion code sites I have seen is their "Free Shipping Codes" section. This is an entire section of the site dedicated to ONLY free shipping codes. I am always looking for free shipping codes whenever shopping online, so this is a nice thing to have.

As far as the freshness of the codes, every store I looked at had current, unexpired codes. There were a couple of brand new codes I just got in my email box this morning, and I wanted to check and see if PromotionCode.org had them up, and they did.
There is a section where you can add your own code as well. I think this helps keep the site updated, however there appears to be no incentive for contributing. A little incentive would encourage more people to contribute, but as of right now, it looks like enough people to since the codes are all current!

Another nice feature of this site is the email list. You can customize the emails you receive from PromotionCode.org. You click each store that you want code updates from, then you can select the frequency in which you receive updates. This is a REALLY nice feature that could save you time and money when searching for, or waiting for good codes. It is nice to know that you won't be receiving emails for things that do not interest you.

Check out PromotionCode.org and let me know what you think!

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