Some Target Tips for the $10 Gift Card when You Spend $75 Promotion

So it appears that the $10 gift card when you spend $75 for Friday and Saturday will be very restrictive. In some instances (probably will vary from store to store), you will have to have $75 in stuff AFTER coupons. Of course, there will be those who get lucky and get to hit $75, then use coupons.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of this promo (especially if you can't use coupons after the $75):

1) Only shop if you would have done so already. Spending $75 that you would not have spent to get a $10 gift card does not make sense.
2) Buy things that are tough to get on sale. Like milk, eggs, cheese and other basic grocery products.
3) Look for products that give you rewards (like the cereal boxes with the $5 gas card when you collect 4 pieces) or Target gift cards back (like this week's Glade Deal)
4) Use Try Me Free or other mail in rebates to your advantage, just remember, you're only getting ONE original receipt.
- check for forms that only require a copy of the receipt.

Here's a rebate we found to get you going:
Grab some Renuzit Crystal Elements refills for $4.99 and fill out the Try Me Free rebate here.

So let's start at $75.
- minus $10 for the gift card promotion
- minus $5 for the Renuzit rebate
- minus $5 for the Glade gift card deal (do it twice if you have enough coupons and stock in your store!)

There, just like that you're down to $55 out of pocket for $75 of stuff.

Now... if they DO let you hit $75, then use coupons, this promo will get VERY good...

Start with the same scenario, but hit $75 (with the Glade deal in your cart) then do this:
Total - $75.00
Minus $8/$80 or other store coupon that you probably got if you did the Glade deal or shopped at Target earlier this week
Minus $10.50 in Glade coupons
Minus $5 for Target gift card back from Glade deal
Minus $5 for Renuzit try me free rebate
Minus $5 for various travel sized items (Tide, Johnson 1st aid kits, Oral B, Reach floss)

So now we're at $41.50. With coupons, you should be able to cut at least 25% off of that, meaning you'll walk out of Target with $75 in stuff for around $30!
- If you're lucky like us and got the $5 Target gift card regional coupon from the 12/11 SS, you'll get another $5 Target gift card each time you do the Glade deal!

Use some Free Products coupons, do the Glade deal again, and use other high value coupons to get that total down even more!

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