Some Motivation!

These are check I have received in the mail in the past month.
None of these checks are from referrals or commissions.

Here's where they are from:
$5 from Synovate Global Opinion Panel (survey site)
$20 from Olay Rebate 1 (ended in January)
$20 From Olay rebate 2 (Ended in January)
$9.99 from Glamour (rebate form from an Olay gift set. I had the choice of a free subscription to Glamour or a $9.99 check. The gift set cost me $10)
$10 from Kahlua Liquor rebate (used $5/2 coupon when it was on sale for $10/bottle - Paid $5 for 2 bottles!)
$45 from Bacardi rebate (used $3/1 coupons when they were on sale for $9 each. Made $15 on 6 bottles!)

The point of this post is to get you motivated to follow this site and keep up on the deals! If you do, you will find yourself having extra money around!

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