Sneakpeeq ~ New Members Still Get Diamond Candles for Just $12!

This offer is still available! Have you check out Diamond Candles yet? Basically, they are nice candles that have a ring wrapped up inside each one. As the candle burns, you can retrieve your ring! Now, most of these will be a $10 fun costume ring, but they do have REAL diamond rings inside some of them worth up to $5000!

What a fun concept! It’s like giving lottery tickets to someone, but they are certain to win! Plus, the candle is super nice and last for a long time too!

Today, sneakpeeq is offering up the candles for $22 each. Let’s bring that total down a bit huh? New members get a $10 credit that they can instantly apply to their purchase to pick up one of these fantastic candles for just $12!

New sneakpeeq members, Get your Diamond Candle for $12 today here!
Come back and let us know if you got a $5000 ring!

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