Shopping Trips Today ~ Over $100 in Products for FREE! And a Video! Yay!

Today we had one of the best shopping trips of the year for us so far!

Check out the video below to see what we got!

Here are some things left unexplained in the video:
- Link to Rite Aid Video Values coupons <----here (these are the ones that you can stack with regular manufacturer's coupons) - Link to Rite Aid Single Check Rebate program <------here - Link to Olay $10 rebate when you buy $30 <-----here - Link to our CVS Weekly Deals post <------here - Link to our Rite Aid Weekly Deals post <------- - We actually had 2 CVS coupons that we used. One printed out today and was for $5 off $15 Tide, Olay and some other P&G brands and one we got last week was for $3 off $15 beauty. According to the CVS coupon policy, we were allowed to use both of these on one transaction since we had over $30 in participating products. Here's the deals breakdown:
We got:
(4) Olay cleansers for $3.74 each
(4) Olay body washes for $5.99 each
Accu Check meter $9.99
Lanacane $5.00
Polygrip $1.99
Aquafresh paste $1.99
Crest paste $3.00
Oral B brush $3.00
(2) Crest rinse for $5.00 each
(2) Ragu for $2.50 each
(2) Best foods $2.50 each
You may see Revlon nail polish in the video. We thought it was part of a deal, but it is not, so we will be returning that (and losing our coupons!) :(

We used:
(4) BOGO Free Olay coupons and (2) $3/2 Olay coupons from the August P&G Saver
$10 AccuCheck coupon
$1 Aquafresh manu. coupon and $1 Aquafresh Rite Aid coupon
$1 Polygrip coupon
$0.75 Crest paste coupon
$0.50/2 Ragu coupon
BOGO Free Crest Rinse coupon form the August P&G
$3/$15 CVS beauty coupon
$5/$15 CVS Olay/Tide/P&G coupon

We got back/will get:
$5 ECB from Olay
$5 +Up from Lanacane
$1.99 Single Check Rebate from Polygrip
$3 +Up from Crest
$3 +Up from Oral B
$3 +Up from Best Foods/Ragu
(2) $3 +Up for Crest Rinse
$10 mail in rebate from Olay

Total spent - $0.00

Total profit ~ $6.29!!
This was on over $125 in retail priced items! Crazy!

How did you do with this week's deals?


  1. HAha! Congrats on your first video!

    I still have enough Pasta + Pasta sauce from the target coupon a while back. $1 off when you buy a Target Pasta + Pasta Sauce, and the Pasta and Pasta Sauce were on sale for $1 each so .50/each after coupon..

    I really need to get “4” of the same papers. I have 2 LA times, and 1 SGV Tribune :/ My coupons don’t match up in both papers too..

    Hope to see more in the future!

    • Thanks! Yea we have a bunch of the pasta and also Mac & Cheese from Target. It was a decent filler today, since the expiration is 2014. On the papers, we just got in contact with a discounted newspaper supplier for the West Coast and some LA area papers are included. Check it out, hope it helps! ——–> Newspapers page

  2. Christina Vasquez Haakenson says:

    LOVE that you’re doing videos now!!!! :)

  3. Awesome video—love the little printed comments that appear out of nowhere!

  4. Thanks Zack for the video …. My trip to CVS was a piece of cake thanks to your video… Love walking in and out in mintues not hours

    • Awesome! Glad to hear it! This was one of the best weeks at CVS so far this year! Glad you could take advantage of it! :D

  5. Julie Lucca says:

    A star is born!

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