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Currently, Shop at Home is offering more (some double!) cash back at many stores. Here's a small portion of the stores with the promotional cash back rates:
1-800 Flowers was 16% now is 20%!
Marriott Hotels was 3% now 6%
K-Mart was 5% now 10%!!
JcPenny was 4% now 8%
Sears was 5% now 11%!!
Wal-Mart was 3% now 6%!!
Target was 4% now 10%!! (10% Cash back at Target?!!!)
Victoria's Secret was 2% now 10%!! (Huge increase!)
Macy's was 4% now 10%!!
See's Candies was 3% now 8%!
Shari's Berries was 10% now 20%!
Entertanment Book was 30% now 45%!!
Home Depot was 4% now 6%!
Nike was 6% now 12%!!
Game Stop was 5% now 10%!!

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