Sephora Gift Cards ~ Take Advantage of Their Promotions!

Do you shop at Sephora? Well, I'm no lady but I do know they have a few things that Katie likes and cannot find anywhere else.
It is my goal to find out how to get the most out of this money that we "have to spend" at Sephora.

Yesterday, we were at Sephora and saw an in-store gift card promo that we cashed in on. You get a double mirror compact thing (has a regular mirror and a close-up mirror) when you buy ANY gift card $10 or more. Well, you know we were spending $10 or more, so we just bought the gift card first! Easy as pie!

We got home and realized we should have bought 10 gift cards, since gift cards don't expire and they were giving free stuff away!
So we checked online. While that offer is not available online, they do give 3 free beauty samples of your choice with EVERY order, including gift cards! So grab a $10 gift card online and score 3 free samples! Then use your gift card to shop as you normally would!

This is a good example of how easy it is to get the most out of your money. We were not planning on doing anything except getting the couple of things Katie needed. But we wound up getting more than that! The deals are out there, just always be on the lookout!

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