Save on Contacts with the 1 800 Contacts Price Guarantee!

Let's talk about saving money on things that you can't necessarily clip coupons for. Specifically, contact lenses. Katie has worn contacts for years, so we know all about the fun of these. Contact lenses can be quite expensive. Occasionally, there is a Groupon deal or a rebate offer, but those can't be counted on when you need your lenses on a regular basis. Well, 1-800 Contacts is here to help! They have one of my favorite pricing strategies of all time: price match guarantee! Even better, they not only match any lower price, they beat it by 2% as part of their 20/20 guarantee! Also included in that 20/20 guarantee is free returns if your prescription changes as well as free replacement of torn lenses! Katie has had a couple of torn lenses and this would have been a really nice thing to have! Also, they offer free shipping with a $50 order! So you know you're getting the lowest price, plus free shipping!

Now, 1-800 Contacts is making it even easier to order contacts and to keep track of when you need them! Their new iPhone app is available for free and makes ordering contacts a breeze! It also has a lens countdown to help you keep track of when you may need to re-order! The app is very clean looking and looks very easy to use.

Customer service is taken very seriously at 1-800 Contacts. Their excellent return policy and price match guarantee show me that they really do want my business and that they want me to be completely satisfied with my experience. I like that. I feel like I am providing them business for a long time (until Katie gets lasik!) and it is nice to see that they are interested in keeping me as a customer.

Oh and by the way, they are currently offering up a $10 off $100 coupon code through their Facebook page!

This was a compensated, sponsored post for 1-800-Contacts written entirely by me. All views expressed here are my own.

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