Save Money on Your Cell Phone Plan! Check Out Virgin Mobile!

Let me start by saying that I have Virgin Mobile as my cellular provider. I switched from Sprint exactly 12 months ago and have saved a total of over $450 in that time. I am 100% satisfied with everything Virgin Mobile provides. As a matter of fact, Sprint actually owns Virgin Mobile, so Virgin uses Sprint cell towers! Make sure to look up their coverage map to see if you are covered.

I had a plan without internet access, unlimited text messages and 400 anytime minutes of talk time and unlimited night and weekend minutes. I was paying over $60 per month. I would get my bill and see that I would average using about 100 anytime minutes per month and 50 night and weekend minutes. What a waste!

I now have the $25/month plan from Virgin Mobile which gives me 300 minutes per month, UNLIMITED text messages, UNLIMITED web access and UNLIMITED web data for downloads and anything else!

Basically, if you don't talk on your phone an average of 10 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY, you are wasting your money elsewhere.

Soooo...that brings me to the picture above.

Right now, you can get this super cool, easy to use and fun cell phone for just $49.99 (Regularly $89.99)!

You might be under contract with your current provider, but look into how much canceling will cost. I canceled my Sprint account and after selling the cell phone they gave me for signing up for the plan, I practically broke even.

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