Save Mart Shoppers ~ Pay Attention to Your Receipts and Catalinas!

Catalinas are the coupons that print from a separate machine and they hand them to you with your receipt. Generally, if you're in Sacramento, there is pretty much ALWAYS a Midas coupon on them. Anyway, Save Mart gave us one the other day with a survey on it. It was a simple customer service survey that took me about 5 minutes to complete. It said I may receive a $5 Save Mart gift card for participating. Sure enough, look what just came in the mail!

So I say keep an eye on your receipts just in case they also are recruiting for survey takers on the bottom of receipts. But especially take a close look at the Catalina offers! It sure was a nice surprise and definitely worth the 5 minutes!

Note: we also stopped into a McDonald's recently and got a similar offer. Take a survey, maybe get a gift card. We also got that one. Moral of the story: companies want to hear from you and are willing to pay you for it. So give them a few minutes!


  1. Peter W Huebner says:

    i was told at the store to bring in the bottom of my bill for a 10% discount next time i shop again at save mart. I did and was told to go online here are my codes 6273120040248, and 6273030040100
    Going online I had to listening to all kind of crap but never got your survey.
    So here it is either I get my twice 10% discount or you will never see me again in your store.
    Stop tricking people, we are not stupid.
    Peter W Huebner

  2. Midge Martin says:

    I put in the invitation code and was told it was invalid. I did not put in the wrong number, I tried it several times, with the same response. How am I to take your survey if it won’t accept the code?

  3. Jesse Roberts says:

    Early October we moved to Carson City. Our nearest market is a Save Mart. This is where we shop now. When the clerk reminded us to go on line and take a survey I did. The site was not available each time I tried. Finally I just gave up trying. We will continue to shop at Save Mart.


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