Save Mart Deals for the Week of October 10th through October 16th

Save Mart Grocery Store Information:

  • Save Mart is a store chain with 20 locations in and around the Sacramento area and locations throughout the rest of CA and NV.
  • To learn about the Save Mart fuel rewards program, see this post ------> Save Mart Fuel Rewards.
  • See the Save Mart coupon policy <------ here
  • In our Save Mart weekly deals posts, we'll match up the sale items with any applicable coupons to save you the most money!
  • Here are the Save Mart deals and coupon matchups for the week:

    There are 2 coupons in this week's ad for totally free items!
    These coupons are only found on the ad that comes in the mail, not the one in stores. You can also join their email list to get them sent to you for printing.
    Fresh Express 9 oz. Spinach free with $15 purchase
    Top Care Ibuprofen 50 ct. with $25 Purchase

    Brand Challenge Promo - buy one name brand product and get the Save Mart store brand version of that product for free!
    Here are this week's products:
    Tresemme shampoo or conditioner 32 oz. $4.49 oz get Top Care shampoo or contitioner 32 oz free
    Del Monte canned veggies 11-15.25 oz. 4/$5 get Sunny Select vegetables 14.4-15.25 oz. free
    French's fried onions 6 oz. $3.99 get Sunny Select fried onions 6 oz. free
    Campbells cream of mushroom or chicken soup $1.29 get Sunny Select cream of mushroom or chicken soup free

    Fresh whole Keta $1.99/lb
    Pork chops $1.99/lb
    RibEye, T-Bone or New York steaks $5.99/lb
    Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets $4.99/lb
    Beef short ribs $2.99/lb
    Foster Farms chicken leg quarters $0.99/lb

    4 lb bag of russet potatoes or cooking onions $1
    Avocados 2/$1
    Iceberg lettuce head $0.47
    Strawberries 1 lb or raspberries 6 oz. BOGO Free
    Red bell peppers 3/$1
    Gala apples $0.97/lb
    Carrots $0.99/bunch
    Baby lemoons or limes 6 for $0.96
    Cantaloupe $2.50
    Red ripe organic tomatoes $1.49/lb
    Corn 3/$0.99

    Grocery Deals:
    Chips Ahoy or Ritz crackers $1.88
    - print $1/2 Nabisco

    Bush's Best grillin beans $2

    Stagg chili with beans $1.67 each
    - use $1/2 from the 9/9 SS
    - $1.17 per can wyb 2

    Ore Ida potatoes $3
    - use $1/2 from the upcoming 10/14 SS

    Pompeian red wine vinegar pomegranate $1.99
    - print $0.50/1
    - $1.49!

    Pompeian Olive Oil $4.79
    - print $1/1
    - $3.79!

    DiGiorno Pizza $4.99
    - use Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon that we posted about here (no longer available)
    - get $2 or $3 (Amy reported only getting a $2 coupon) Catalina for buying 2

    Bob's Red Mill rolled oats 5 grain 16 oz. $1.99

    Sunny Select 24 bottle case water $2.50

    $1 Each Sale
    Nabisco Go Packs
    - print $1/2 Nabisco

    Banquet dinners
    Gatorade 32 oz.
    Sunnyside Farms 59 oz. Tea
    Sunny Select Ketchup 24 oz.
    Bayview Farms 16 oz. sour cream
    Sunny select 16 oz. dry beans

    12 pk. Coors or Miller $7.98
    UV Vodka 1.75 L $14.98

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