Safeway Notes/Updates

Quick reference: Catalina coupons are coupons that print out of a separate machine by the register and are good on your next purchase. A $10 Catalina is basically like a $10 gift card (alcohol, lotto etc excluded) to the store! They can also be for a certain amount off of a total purchase, like $10 off $50 or something.

We went to Safeway today and saw a few things previously unmentioned.

First, there was a flag that through 4/24, you get a $10 Catalina for buying $100 in Mastercard gift cards. The fee is $5.95 per card, but they have $100 cards, so we bought one, got our $10 Cat and used both to shop with! It's basically like buying a $10 coupon for $5.95.

Also, our total after coupons and discounts was $49.71 and we had a $10 off $50 from the mail and our cashier said, "oh let's see if it'll work" and grabbed it and scanned it and it worked fine.
We also used our $10 Catalina from the Mastercard (we just purchased that at Customer Service) AND got a Catalina for $10 off $50 next time.

There was also some Starbucks offer that you get $5 off any Starbucks gift card when you buy 2 Starbucks coffee products. That one ran until at least May. The lowest denomination of Starbucks gift cards we saw were $15.
The flavored bags of coffee were $7.99, so buy 2
- use (2) $1.50/1 from here
- get $5 coupon for Starbucks gift card
Buy $15 Starbucks card
- use $5 coupon
- Pay $22.98 for a $15 Starbucks card and 2 bags of coffee! Like paying $3.99 per bag of coffee when you subtract the $15 for the gift card!

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